Here are Tom Brady's Patriots contracts over the years (2023)

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Here are Tom Brady's Patriots contracts over the years

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Here are Tom Brady's Patriots contracts over the years (3)

Tom Brady is the best quarterback in NFL history — but he wasn't been paid like it during his 20-year tenure with the New England Patriots. Here, we'll take alook at all of Brady's Patriots contracts, from the time he was an unheralded sixth-round pick to a six-time Super Bowl champion.


Deal: 3 years, $864,000

Signing Bonus: $38,400

As the 199th overall pick in the 2000 draft, Brady’s deal was commensurately modest. By comparison —and as an indicator of how the game has grown in 19 seasons —the 199th pick in 2019 was defensive end Gerri Green.

His deal is four years and $2.52M. His signing bonus is $157,608. His rookie salary is $495K. Brady’s was $193K.

A list of NFL records Tom Brady can break with Bucs in 2021

Brady wouldn’t see the end of that rookie deal, as it was redone in August of2002 after he guided the Patriots to their first Super Bowl win at the end of the 2001 season.


Deal: 5 years, $30.52M

Signing Bonus: $10M

In the last week of August of 2002, Brady got a new deal that would take him through 2006. As part of that deal, Brady would receive $250K for every AFC Championship win and $250K for every Super Bowl win. He’d realize $1M from those incentives thanks to the 2003 and 2004 seasons. He kept his initial 2002 salary of $375K, but the salaries jumped to $3.1M, $5.5M, $5.5M and $6M from 2003 through 2006. The Patriots tinkered with the deal in 2003 and 2004 to grab more cap space and dumped money forward so his cap charges in ‘05 and ’06 were slated to be $10M and $14M.

Lucrative though that may have seemed for a player that had started just 14 regular-season games, Drew Bledsoe’s deal with the Patriots signed just 18 months prior was for 10 years and $103M. So Brady was a bargain.


Deal: 6 years, $60M

Signing Bonus: $26.5M ($14.5 signing bonus, $12M roster bonus in 2006)

This deal, which was slated to take Brady through the 2010 season, got contentious. It was signed on May 4, but the hangup and haggling began in late February. At issue? The Patriots wanted to pay Brady his proposed $24 million signing bonus in four installments. More than half of the bonus money would come in the first two years of the deal, but unpaid bonus money in the later years of the contract would not be guaranteed, meaning if Brady were injured and couldn’t keep playing, portions of the $24 Mbonus would never be realized.

Writing in March of 2005 for the Providence Journal I noted that, “At this point, the negotiations aren't quite acrimonious. But Brady isn't blind to the fact he's willing to meet the Patriots halfway on salary but is not being met halfway on the bonus.” Peyton Manning at the time was on a seven-year, $98M deal he signed in 2004 that had $34.5M guaranteed.


Deal: 4-year, $72M extension

Signing Bonus: $48.5M guaranteed

It took a car accident to push this deal over the finish line. With uncertainty because of a looming uncapped year in 2011, the Patriots and Brady worked hard to get a deal done prior to the start of the 2010 regular season when Brady would enter his walk year. A Thursday morning car accident caused Robert Kraft to consider the fragility of things and decide to get the deal done. The four years and $72M were for the 2011 through 2014 seasons and it had a record amount of guaranteed money and was the biggest contract in NFL history (briefly).

The deal was announced at halftime of the Thursday night season opener on NBC by Peter King. After the deal was complete, Kraft said, "You’re never sure (when the deal will get finished) because it’s hard. You’ve got two sides. You’ve got agents, but everyone’s trying to help, but it gets complicated, but now, please God, he’ll be the quarterback here for 15 years. which is unusual." The day after Brady signed the deal, Bill Belichick said at his morning press conference, “There is no quarterback I’d rather have than Tom Brady.”


Deal: 3-year, $27Mextension

Guaranteed Money: $33M

After an MVP season in 2010, a Super Bowl trip in 2011 and a trip to the AFC Championship in 2012, Brady reworked and extended his deal just before the 2013 league year began. He gave the Patriots a huge financial break in agreeing to the three-year, $27M extension. The agreement saved the Patriots $8M in cap room in 2013 and $7M in cap room in 2014. Brady’s hope at the time was the team would re-sign Wes Welker, who was on the verge of free agency. Instead, Welker wanted to test the market and the Patriots signed Danny Amendola. Still, Brady’s deal gave the Patriots huge cap flexibility. His salaries from 2015 through 2017 were $13M, $14M and $15M. Including 2013 and 2014 —which he was already under agreement for —the deal’s maximum value was $57M over five years with $33M guaranteed.

“I was just trying to stay ahead of the curve," said Robert Kraft at the time."If we were going to have to pay him elite-quarterback money and have elite-quarterback cap numbers, I just didn't think we would be able to build a team. We don't want to have a team where we're paying 18 to 20 percent to a player on the cap. I wanted to do something elegant that would work for everybody. I had been talking to him off and on for maybe 18 months, about how I wanted him to finish his career here, and about how we both have to be smart about it. I just really want him to end his career a Patriot.”


Deal: 2-year, $41M extension

Signing Bonus: $28M

In March 2016, a little less than two years after Bill Belichick pointed out Brady’s age and contract status on the night Jimmy Garoppolo was drafted, Brady signed a two-year extension to take him through the 2019 season. The deal tacked on the 2018 and 2019 seasons but the Patriots covered themselves when the deal was done. The Patriots had $1M team options prior to the 2018 and 2019 seasons which gave them an out if Garoppolo unseated Brady. He didn’t. And he was dealt at the trade deadline in October2017. The thinking at the time was that Brady didn’t want to rock the boat —and was leery of Jimmy G. —so he did another team-friendly deal.


Deal: 1 year, $23M

Signing Bonus: $8M

With his deal set to expire at the end of the 2019 season, Brady had to wait for the Patriots to get around to figuring out an offer. It finally started to come together in July but the eventual result was anything but a boon for Brady. The Patriots merely took his $14M salary for 2019, turned that into $1.75M for 2019 and then converted that money into a signing bonus of $20M that the team could divvy up the $20M in three equal prorated portions for 2020 and 2021 seasons. The Patriots got to holler “extension” without giving Brady a true one. Brady —who hadgone nearly a decade without being paid as an elite player —pushed for a clause that prevented the team from putting the franchise or transition tag on him.


How long is Tom Brady's contract with the Patriots? ›

Of the $15 million in the one-year deal, $1.12 million was in base salary, with the remaining $13.88 million as a signing bonus. That signing bonus part of the deal has prorated at $2.776 million across 2022 and the four void years that were tacked on as part of the deal.

How many contracts has Brady signed? ›

Tom Brady signed a 1 year, $15,000,000 contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, including $15,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $15,000,000.
Current Contract.
Contract:1 yr(s) / $15,000,000
Average Salary$15,000,000
Total Guarantees$15,000,000
Guaranteed at Signing$15,000,000
Free Agent:2023 / UFA
1 more row

How much will Tom Brady make in retirement? ›

Tom Brady Retires 'For Good' With $550 Million Nest Egg. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL on Wednesday in a short video on social media, exactly one year to the day after he stepped away from the game for the first time. “I'll get to the point right away.

Why is Tom Brady signing a one-day contract with the Patriots? ›

Appearing in an interview with CNN on Thursday morning, Patriots owner Robert Kraft expressed that he was open to signing Tom Brady to a one-day contract so that Brady could retire as a Patriot.

How much money is Tom Brady going to make with Fox Sports? ›

Brady has also agreed to contract with Fox Sports to announce NFL games once he decides to retire. That deal is a 10-year contract worth up to $375 million, the largest in sportscasting history.

Who has the biggest NFL contract? ›

1. Aaron Rodgers, $50.2 million
  • Aaron Rodgers, $50.2 million. Signed: March 2022 (contract ends in 2026)
  • Russell Wilson (DEN), $50 million.
  • Kyler Murray (ARI), $49.2 million.
  • Deshaun Watson (CLE), $46 million.
  • Josh Allen (BUF), $45.9 million.
Feb 13, 2023

How much does Tom Brady make from Subway? ›

The exact number is not known. However, Tom Brady reportedly earns in excess of $100,000,000 from numerous endorsements, which includes Subway.

What is Tom Brady's highest-paid contract? ›

Tom Brady signed a 1 year, $15,000,000 contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, including $15,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $15,000,000. Contract Notes: 2022 Roster Bonus: $13.88M (fully guaranteed, treated as signing bonus) No-tag clause for 2023.

Is Tom Brady a Millionaire? ›

Tom Brady's Net Worth and Career

Brady has won seven Lombardi trophies, five Super Bowl MVP awards and has a net worth of $250 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. He led the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl victories in 20 seasons with the team, adding one with the Buccaneers after his 2020 campaign.

Who makes more money Tom Brady or his wife? ›

After divorce rumors, people asked if Tom Brady had a larger net worth than his -still- wife. However, the information confirms that Gisele Bündchen has approximately $150 million more than Tom Brady in assets.

How many years do you have to be in the NFL to get a pension? ›

How Long Do You Have to Play in the NFL to Get a Pension? NFL players must play for three seasons before they can be eligible to receive a pension. That's when he'll be considered vested. Meaning he's eligible to receive benefits negotiated under the CBA.

What is the average NFL retirement pension? ›

On average, retired NFL players earn about $43,000 annually from their pension. Most players also decide to contribute to a 401(k) plan during their careers. The total amount of the 401(k) plan is based on how much the NFL player contributed from his salary.

Will Tom Brady retire as a New England Patriots? ›

Brady is now retired "for good," marking his second Feb. 1 retirement announcement, the last one coming in 2022. As former coaches, teammates, media and fans comment on the career of TB12, his former owner jumped in as well with compliments for the 45-year-old and a contract offer.

What is the New England Patriots roster? ›

New England Patriots

What were the Patriots before New England? ›

Founded in 1959 as the “Boston Patriots,” the team was an original member of the American Football League (AFL). The Patriots joined the NFL during the 1970 AFL/NFL merger. They changed their name to the New England Patriots when they moved to Foxborough, MA. in 1971.

How much is Tom Brady's house? ›

EXCLUSIVE: Construction continues on Tom Brady's $17m Miami mansion, despite divorce from Gisele Bundchen... but the quarterback may not be ready to retire to 'Billionaire Bunker' yet as he refuses to rush decision over NFL future.

How much is Tom Brady currently worth? ›

Tom Brady's net worth in 2023: $250 million

Tom Brady's net worth is a whopping $250 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That number was due to grow after signing an insanely massive deal with FOX Sports to be a broadcaster following retirement, but Brady returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2022 season.

Who is the highest paid quarterback in the NFL? ›

Total Cash
  • Aaron Rodgers. GB, QB. $59,515,000.
  • Deshaun Watson. CLE, QB. $46,000,000.
  • Daniel Jones. NYG, QB. $46,000,000.
  • Patrick Mahomes. KC, QB. $40,450,000.
  • Kyler Murray. ARI, QB. $39,000,000.

How much do NFL refs make? ›

The NFL won't disclose how much money their referees make, but based on the expired collective bargaining agreement from 2019, officials made an average of $201,000 per year, according to That accounts for all officials that appear on the field, which means the head referees for games could make even more.

Who had the first 100 million dollar contract in the NFL? ›

The NFL's First 100 Million Dollar Man. On March 1, 2001, Brett Favre signed a "lifetime" contract extension, a 10-year deal worth $100 million with the Green Bay Packers.

What NFL team sells out the most? ›

By expandable capacity, however, the Cowboys have the biggest NFL stadium by a considerable margin. With that margin the Cowboys have led the league in attendance since AT&T Stadium opened in 2009. And the 2022 season was no exception as the Cowboys led the league again.

How much does Tom Brady's wife make a year? ›

While Gisele was earning $500 million in salary and endorsements between 2000 and 2020, Brady earned $330 million. Combined, the two are worth $650 million.

Does Tom Brady eat Subway subs? ›

All kidding aside, given that we know Brady would never actually eat a Subway sandwich, the company and the quarterback have done a fantastic job with the commercials they've done together since he signed on a spokesperson. 2.

Does Tom Brady eat at Subway? ›

BOISE, Idaho — If you watch NFL football, you've probably seen Tom Brady in ads about Subway bread that he doesn't eat. But now the notoriously health-conscious quarterback can enjoy a Subway sandwich — if he's in the right place.

Who makes more money Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? ›

Peyton Manning contracts and salary

This, of course, excludes bonuses and other incentives. Overall, Manning amassed a salary of $248,732,000 across his playing career. Brady, on the other hand, is still active and currently earns a base salary of $30 million with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

How much does the quarterback get paid for winning Super Bowl? ›

Get ready for this: In 2023, players on the winning team receive $157,000, according to NBC Sports! This is more than last year, which saw each member of the winning team received $150,000, according to the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Was Tom Brady ever the highest paid NFL player? ›

Tom Brady is No. 1 in the NFL once again. The six-time Super Bowl champion has taken over the top spot on the list of highest-paid NFL players of all time with earnings of $303 million through 22 seasons.

What kind of cars does Tom Brady own? ›

TOM BRADY doesn't just collect football trophies - he also boasts an insane car collection that's valued at over $4million. The 45-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback's garage includes a Rolls Royce Ghost, two Aston Martins, a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and a Ferrari.

What companies does Tom Brady own? ›

Brady co-founded Autograph and released a bunch of NFTs upon its launch. The company offers "unique digital collections and experiences for users around the world."

Who is the first NFL player to become a billionaire? ›

Jerome Johnson Richardson Sr.
No. 87
Born:July 18, 1936 Spring Hope, North Carolina, U.S.
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Career information
High school:Terry Sanford (Fayetteville, North Carolina)
18 more rows

Who was Tom Brady's first wife? ›

Brady, 45, and “Blue Bloods” star Moynahan, 51, were together from 2004 to 2006. Brady also shares two children, Benjamin, 13, and Vivian, 10, with ex-wife Gisele Bündchen. He and the Brazilian supermodel divorced in October after 13 years of marriage.

Why does Tom Brady make so much money? ›

Of course, most of Brady's net worth is from his NFL salaries, but a lot of his money also comes from side businesses outside of the NFL. In 2013, Brady launched his own lifestyle brand, TB12.

How much does Gisele Bündchen make per day? ›

As of 2022, Celebrity Net Worth also estimates that Bündchen's yearly “salary” is $40 million. That is almost $770,000 per week or almost $110,000 per day, the site claims.

Do NFL players get guaranteed money if they retire? ›

When a player is released (or retires), the team is relieved of having the pay the player's base salary (P5) and any Roster Bonus that may become due after that, but still will need to account for any Signing or Option Bonus prorations that haven't yet counted against the Salary Cap.

Do NFL players get paid weekly? ›

NFL teams pay their players weekly during the 18-week season. Each of the league's 32 teams plays 17 games during 18 weeks with one "bye" week off. Salaries usually include conditions that can affect payments, such as whether they miss games due to injury.

Are NFL pensions for life? ›

You are vested in the account at all times. Pays a specific monthly amount for your life. In general, you can begin to receive Pension Benefits at age 55.

Do NFL players families get free tickets? ›

NFL players have often said that the ticket requests can be overwhelming in the week before the Super Bowl. And although the players in the game have the opportunity to buy tickets at face value, they don't get tickets for free.

How much do NFL players pay for health insurance? ›

According to the union (which is now a "Trade Association" due to the de-certification), monthly premiums for individual health insurance coverage is around $2,400 per month per player.

Do NFL practice squad players get paid? ›

Players on NFL practice squads earned a minimum of $11,500 per week, or $207,000 for an entire season, in 2022. However, that minimum was for players who had accrued less than two seasons. That number increased to $15,400 per week or $277,200 for 18 weeks if the player had accrued two or more seasons.

Does Kraft want Brady to retire a patriot? ›

Kraft said Thursday during an appearance on CNN that he'd like to bring Brady back to New England to officially retire as a member of the franchise with which he won six Super Bowls and helped transform into an NFL powerhouse. "I'd do it tomorrow. … Not only do I want it, our fans are clamoring for it," Kraft said.

What team will Brady retire from? ›

Feb. 1, 2022: Brady announces his retirement at age 44 after a "thrilling ride" and 22 seasons with the Buccaneers and New England Patriots. Feb. 13, 2022: Brady texts Bucs general manager Jason Licht during the Super Bowl between the Rams and Cincinnati Bengals.

Are one day contracts real? ›

One-day contracts are usually signed at the twilight of an athlete's career. It's not exclusive to the NFL, but you do see a good number of football players sign them. These contract are more ceremonial than anything else.

Who is the number one receiver for the Patriots? ›

WRJakobi MeyersNelson Agholor
QBMac JonesBailey Zappe
RBDamien HarrisPierre Strong Jr.
RBRhamondre StevensonKevin Harris
7 more rows

Who is the best player in the Patriots? ›

10 Best Players In New England Patriots History, Ranked
  • 8 Sam Cunningham.
  • 7 Stanley Morgan.
  • 6 Andre Tippett.
  • 5 Steve Grogan.
  • 4 Adam Vinatieri.
  • 3 Rob Gronkowski.
  • 2 John Hannah.
  • 1 Tom Brady.
Feb 5, 2023

Who is the new kicker for the Patriots? ›

– The New England Patriots announced today that they have signed K Tristan Vizcaino (pronounced – vizz-KANE-oh).

What is the oldest NFL team? ›

The Chicago Cardinals founded in 1898 (joined the NFL in 1920), now the Arizona Cardinals) is the oldest NFL franchise.

What state has the most NFL teams? ›

States With NFL Teams

There are a total of 23 states that presently have NFL teams. California and Florida have the highest number of NFL teams across these states, with a total of three teams. Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas come next, with two teams each.

Who has the most Super Bowl rings? ›

Tom Brady is the all-time leader with six Super Bowl victories, followed by retired defensive end Charles Hayley with five.

Does Tom Brady have a 2 year contract? ›

OFFICIAL: Tom Brady has signed a 2-year contract worth $50 million (all guaranteed) with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rob Su and 3,773 others like this.

Is Brady a free agent in 2023? ›

Here is Tampa Bay's list of potential 2023 free agents. * Brady announced his retirement on February 1 but the move has not yet been officially processed, which means he will technically become a free agent on March 15 if that remains the case.

What year does Tom Brady's contract expire? ›

If Brady returns to Bucs

Brady's voiding 2023 through 2026 contract year each have a $30 million base salary.

What is Tom Brady's biggest contract? ›

Tom Brady signed a 1 year, $15,000,000 contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, including $15,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $15,000,000. Contract Notes: 2022 Roster Bonus: $13.88M (fully guaranteed, treated as signing bonus) No-tag clause for 2023.

Has Tom Brady ever been the highest-paid QB? ›

No NFL player has made more in their career than Tom Brady. The Buccaneers' quarterback is playing his 22nd NFL season and is under contract for a 23rd. To date, he has made just shy of $300 million playing quarterback. That said, Brady has never been the NFL's highest-paid player.

How much money does Gisele Brady make a year? ›

Well, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Gisele Bündchen's net worth is $400 million, which is almost double what her husband Tom Brady is worth. She makes $40 million per year, according to Celebrity Net Worth. (The site reports that Brady is worth $250 million and has an annual $30 million salary.)


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