Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (2023)

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (1)

The marketing team for the insurance company State Farm created the perfect mascot for their company and had more people talking about the insurance company than ever before.

The world got a kick out of the fictional, khaki-clad employee of State Farm.

While the joke of the original commercial may have been that the wife of the man calling State Farm late at night thought he was cheating on her, the internet found the most humor in the unassuming worker and character of Jake from State Farm.

Jake from State Farm has gone through some obvious changes since his original debut, but the internet has loved him for it.

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (2)

Jake from State Farm first appeared in State Farm’s 2011 commercial State of Unrest, where you see Jake Stone.

Stone was the namesake for the character, but he would later hand over the role to Kevin Miles when State Farm would revitalize the commercial.

Through these commercials, both Jakes found an identity within the character and are often stopped in public for autographs or photos.

Nobody could have guessed that a random insurance commercial would bring them the level of fame and internet popularity that they received.

Although Jake Stone may not have looked for any more jobs in the entertainment industry, Kevin Miles has used these commercials to springboard himself into the public eye.

Many people see Miles as the perfect person to represent the neighborly insurance company.

1. The Original Jake Actually Worked For State Farm

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (3)

Jake from State Farm was first played by Jake Stone, from whom the character gets his name.

Stone was the perfect person to have played the role of a State Farm customer care agent because that’s actually what he did for a living.

Before applying for the role of Jake from State Farm, Jake Stone had never done any acting and had auditioned for it on a whim inspired by his friend who had heard about the audition.

For someone who had never acted a day in his life before, Stone delivered his two lines beautifully.

When State Farm saw how popular the character had become, the company wanted to expand its line of commercials with Jake from State Farm and turn him more into a character.

However, Stone’s lack of acting experience made it difficult to deliver new lines properly, and Stone decided to focus on his work as a customer care agent instead.

When State Farm brought back its State of Unrest campaign, viewers were quick to point out the new actor that had replaced Jake Stone.

Wild conspiracies were floating around the internet as to why this happened, but there was nothing noteworthy about the decision to change actors.

It also decides to cut out the original punchline.

The wife in the original commercial would no longer say that the supposed woman on the other end of the line sound hideous after there had been an outcry about the line from women with manly voices and outcry about removing the line in earlier versions of the commercial.

Some people are still upset with the recasting of Jake from State Farm, claiming that the company only did it to appear “woke.”

However, the company stands firm by its acting expertise explanation.

2. 2020 Jake Was A DJ In College

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (4)

We may not have imagined Jake from State Farm’s actor to be much of a partier based on his scenes as the insurance company mascot, but Kevin Miles used to be quite the notable disc jockey while in college.

He was playing for parties and even opening for shows at his school, including being the opening act for Girl Talk at Webster University in Chicago.

He was known for appearing alongside another local entertainment duo named Tef Poe and Rocky.

Having surrounded himself with local musicians, Miles’s style at the turntable was heavily influenced by the new age of progressive rap.

The group of local musicians tried to change the narrative around rap and trap music, hoping to shed the genres of their negative connotations.

The opening acts were able to get the crowd more excited for the rapper Girl Talk, who was set to play mash-up tracks of his most popular songs.

Students at the school had been able to vote for the acts that they wanted to see most, and nobody on stage disappointed the crowd.

During his early career as a disc jockey, Kevin Miles preferred to go by the name Kevin Mimms or even DJ Mimms.

He would use this name for the first chapter of his acting career, later changing it to Kevin Miles.

Although his time as a disc jockey was a short-lived stint in college, it gave him the confidence boost he needed to expand his talents as a performer and entertainer.

His time in college prepared him well for the entertainment world he was about to enter.

3. Jake Makes Thousands For Each Commercial

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (5)

For every commercial that Jake from State Farm’s actor stars in, he makes anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 on average.

Through his time with State Farm and acting in other commercials, television shows, and movies, Kevin Miles now has a net worth of $1.2 million.

Although Kevin Miles is best known for being the spokesperson of State Farm and being in nearly all of its recent commercials, Miles has been in commercials for other companies as well.

These brands include McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Coors Light, T-Mobile, eBay, Taco Bell, Bose, Hyundai, and Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water.

You can trace Miles’s acting career all the way back to 2010 to a small role in the Chicago-based movie Innocent.

Miles claims that his love of acting comes from his father, who played an integral role in helping him shape his future as an actor.

During his early childhood, his father introduced him to film noir.

This inspired Miles to want to learn how to act.

His mother and grandmother were the ones who introduced young Miles to the world of theater.

With a love for both film and theater, Kevin Miles was able to start his theatrical training at an early age.

Nobody would have known that Miles would be able to create such a fruitful career by taking on the role of an insurance company mascot.

Miles’s biggest inspiration as an actor and public figure is the late Chadwick Boseman, noting Boseman’s onstage and offstage presence as his favorite quality of the Black Panther actor.

Other inspirations for Kevin Miles include Sidney Poitier and Marlon Brando.

Miles puts a lot of focus into how he approaches a role and what that role represents.

Jake from State Farm represented the need for more friendly faces in your everyday life.

4. Jake Is Proudly From Chicago

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (6)

Kevin Miles was born and raised in the South Side of Chicago, near Hyde Park and Cottage Grove.

Although Miles has been able to see more of the world since working with State Farm as its spokesperson, his favorite place in the world is still home.

During his time as an adult in Chicago, he put his focus on his education.

He graduated from both Chicago Academy for the Arts and Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts.

The culture of South Side Chicago made a driven workaholic out of young Kevin Miles.

Whenever Miles is away from his hometown, he begins to miss all of his favorite places to grab a bite to eat.

He makes sure to visit his favorites every time he’s in town, including places such as Harold’s Chicken, Italian Fiesta, Maxwell Street Polish, and Giordano’s.

Although the actor is normally conscious about the foods that he’s eating, he throws his diet plan out the window when he visits home. Chicago’s food just isn’t the same without the grease.

Family is incredibly important to Kevin Miles, so he visits Chicago as frequently as possible.

While he’s away, he is more than glad to talk about his love for his hometown.

5. Jake From State Farm Won A Shorty Award

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (7)

The character of Jake from State Farm won a Shorty Award after Kevin Miles took over the role in 2020.

The marketing team won the Best in Insurance award for the life-altering commercial and was nominated for Best Use of a Spokesperson, coming in as a finalist in the category.

The Shorty Awards were founded in 2008 and focus on rewarding those who excel in the use of social media and other forms of online media.

These awards were originally voted on through the use of hashtags on Twitter, but the voting process has become much more sophisticated since the award show’s inception.

The marketing team’s goal with bringing back Jake from State Farm with a fresh new take was to bring more Millennials to the insurance company.

Over the past couple of decades, consumers were seeing State Farm as something that was meant more for their parents or grandparents.

By bringing back Jake from State Farm, the company was able to become a cultural reference and helped modernize the entire company.

In old commercials, State Farm wanted to focus on being prepared and having the proper protection ahead of time.

These topics weren’t hitting close enough to home for the younger generation that the company was trying to pull in.

To fit more common concerns of Millennials, State Farm’s marketing team made the focus of its commercial doing things for your community.

By creating an entire entity around what State Farm wants to be seen as, the company was able to have more creative liberty with what options it had for commercials.

Rather than seeing Jake from State Farm in front of a blank screen or flat background, he could interact more with the world around him.

6. Jake From State Farm Has His Own TikTok

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (8)

Even before the actor was changed, the State Farm marketing team had fun with the mediums that it could put Jake from State Farm in.

He previously had a Twitter and Instagram account, but he has since transitioned to TikTok in order to appeal to a younger audience once again.

Unlike the commercials you may see on television or online, Jake from State Farm’s TikTok account gives the audience a clearer image of what the character is like off of the clock.

On the page, he talks about his favorite sports teams, the music he’s enjoying, the video games that he’s currently playing, and the ways he’s being a good neighbor around his local community.

The insurance company’s mascot’s TikTok takes a unique approach to advertising, appealing to the younger generations’ ethical and pathological desires.

Jake from State Farm is able to be used to advertise to people more effectively and for a lower production cost on TikTok.

7. Jake From State Farm Was Homeless At First

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (9)

Jake from State Farm’s actor Kevin Miles wasn’t always in the position he is in now.

When he first moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue his career, he didn’t have anywhere to sleep at night.

Kevin Miles had been mulling over the idea of moving to pursue a career in acting for years but was too fond of his hometown to leave at first.

Miles initially decided to stay home and work on building credits for leaving on his own.

After he had built up as many credits as possible in Chicago, Miles knew it was time to expand his career elsewhere.

He got a one-way ticket for himself to Los Angeles and a round-trip ticket for his mother.

While his mother was in town, she helped him find a car to purchase, ensuring that he at least had a way to get to the auditions and gigs he was offered.

She helped Miles get an old used Mustang before traveling back home to Chicago.

For a while, Miles slept out of his car because he couldn’t make enough for rent.

All Miles had to his name was two bags of belongings and a pillow.

However, this would change when auditioning for an acting role in a State Farm Super Bowl commercial.

When Kevin Miles was shown to focus groups, he was the preferred option for all of the focus groups except one.

Because of this, Miles was considered highly for the role, but nearly didn’t get it.

The wife of State Farm’s CMO, Rand Harbert, was the one who helped Harbert come to the decision of choosing Kevin Miles as the new Jake from State Farm.

8. Jake From State Farm Is in A Video Game

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (10)

When fans of the NBA video game series got their copy of the most recent game, NBA 2K22, they weren’t expecting to be greeted by Jake from State Farm.

While it isn’t completely uncommon to have small amounts of product placement in video games, no one was expecting to have the mascot of an insurance company appear in their video game about basketball.

Fans of the sports series were confused by the inclusion of a cameo from a character from a commercial.

Cameos have become a common occurrence in video games, but the practice has become even more commonplace in video games as the computer generated imaging technology has improved.

Normally, cameos are reserved for musicians and actors, such as Axl Rose in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Ariana Grande in Fortnite.

Never has a company spokesperson appeared in a video game and especially not to the same extent as Jake from State Farm.

In NBA 2K22, Jake from State Farm will welcome your character to the new town and claim he is a huge fan.

While talking to you about moving to your new town, he reminds your character that it’s important to have the right “drip.”

Drip is slang for having fashionable or luxurious clothing, but still sounds odd and forced coming out of Jake from State Farm’s mouth.

Kevin Miles actually did the motion capture for his character, which is how the game developers got his model to look so similar.

To end the conversation, Jake from State Farm gives your character his State Farm uniform and reminds the player, “And remember, like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!”

Some fans were infuriated by this inclusion, claiming they shouldn’t have to pay $60 for blatant product placement, and other fans are simply confused.

9. Jake From State Farm Is On Netflix

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (11)

Kevin Miles has managed to turn his career of being State Farm’s most helpful neighborhood employee into a well-rounded entertainment career.

Miles stars in Netflix’s new original comedy show Pretty Smart.

The story follows Chelsea, a Harvard graduate who has tried to achieve happiness through success.

While trying to grow her career as a novelist, Chelsea moves in with her free-spirited sister named Claire and her equally zany friends.

Kevin Miles plays Dave, Claire’s boyfriend, whom she meets at her pottery class.

Although they have a passionate relationship, Claire realizes that she has stronger feelings for another character named Grant.

Fans have loved seeing Miles in the new Netflix show, even if it took them some time to quit seeing him as just Jake from State Farm.

While Claire and Dave’s relationship may be over by the time season one ends, fans still want to see more of Dave in the series.

While this has been one of Kevin Miles’s biggest roles aside from Jake from State Farm, this isn’t the only other role he has been in.

Miles has also played a character named Quincy in a 2018 episode of S.W.A.T.

In the following year, Miles took the role of Dan Montgomery on Criminal Minds.

He appeared as Bobby in Underdogs that same year in a story arc spanning six different episodes.

Kevin Miles first got into the film and television industry by appearing in Innocent, America’s first crime drama to ever be recorded in a single shot without any edits.

Had Miles messed up on a single movement for his role, the whole movie would have needed to be reshot.

Although his role was small, it was more than enough to prove his level of professionalism and talent.

10. Jake From State Farm Helped A Dog Get Adopted

Jake From State Farm (10 Cold Hard Facts) (12)

While most people only know Jake Stone or Kevin Miles’s portrayals of Jake from State Farm, there is a third Jake from State Farm who is recognized by the insurance company.

However, this Jake walks on all four legs.

Jake from State Farm was an eight-year-old pitbull from a Burlington Animal Services shelter in North Carolina who had run into a string of bad luck while trying to find his forever home.

Jake had been returned to the shelter multiple times, through no fault of his own.

The last time that Jake was returned to the shelter was because first responders had found him in his crate after removing the body of his dead previous owner.

It was the fourth time he had been returned over the course of just a few months.

Between his old age, breed, and housing history, it was incredibly difficult for the poor shelter dog to get adopted.

In an attempt to attract new adopters for Jake from State Farm, the shelter staff donned him in the iconic red shirt and posted his photo on Facebook.

Jake’s photo went viral and even attracted the attention of the company he was named after.

Pitbull lovers from around the country began bargaining for his adoption, including many staff members of State Farm.

The insurance company also gave the Burlington Animal Shelter a $1,500 grant to cover all of Jake’s medical expenses.

While dropping off the check, the insurance company also donated plenty of collars, leashes, bowls, and other pet care items.

Jake from State Farm was adopted by Kim Murray, who lived near the shelter with her two older dogs.

With Jake being such a social dog and Murray having plenty of experience with older dogs, Jake from State Farm has found his forever home.

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What is Jake from State Farm information? ›

Jake Stone was a State Farm employee selected for the commercial through an internal casting call. The ad went viral, and he was recognized in public due to the wide acceptance of the commercial. Later, he quit his job at State Farm to juggle a bartender's job and worked for the town of Normal.

What did Jake from State Farm do? ›

But by the time someone tracked him down for an interview, Jake no longer worked for State Farm as an insurance agent. He'd become a seasonal city employee in a local town and continued working as a bartender. And yet, fans got to see the OG Jake again when the new Jake debuted; the pair even exchanged dialogue.

Is Jake from State Farm a football player? ›

It's not simply that Jake is Black. It is that “he doesn't have to be a rapper, or he doesn't have to be a star quarterback, basketball player, whatever it may be,” said Carter, himself a defensive tackle for Duke's football team.

Is Jake from State Farm Rich? ›

His estimated net worth is roughly around $2,000,000. It's important to note that the salary of Jake from State Farm is not solely based on his popularity or the success of his commercials.

How old is Jake at State Farm? ›

How old is Jake from State Farm? The actor was born on 5 July 1990, making him 32 years old as of 2022. He was born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois.
Acting career.
Movie/TV showYearRole
13 more rows
Jul 22, 2022

How much does Flo make? ›

Courtney has been playing Flo since 2008, and she has taken her annual salary to impressive heights. "Stephanie Courtney earns $1 million per year playing "Flo" from Progressive in their commercials.

What does Jake from State Farm wear? ›

Jake from State Farm looks like a regular call center employee. He proudly wears his uniform which consists of a red polo shirt, a pair of khaki pants, and black sneakers.

Is Jake from State Farm in Tall Girl 2? ›

Miles' role in Tall Girl 2 is as an uncredited cameo. However, his surprise cameo is hilarious as viewers realize Dunkleman is butting heads with none other than Jake from State Farm. The double-take that Miles' appearance in Tall Girl 2 caused many fans to do—adds to the fun and surprising nature of the film.

How much does Jake from make? ›

Jake Fromm signed a 2 year, - contract with the Washington Commanders, including an average annual salary of -. In 2023, Fromm will earn a base salary of $940,000, while carrying a cap hit of $940,000. NFL contract specifics generally collected from verified reports.

Is Jake from State Farm his real name? ›

Kevin Miles(XVIII)

Kevin Miles is an actor, known for S.W.A.T (2017), Criminal Minds (2019) and Innocent (2010). He is also known as Jake, from State Farm.

Who are the 2 football players on the State Farm commercial? ›

The All-Pro quarterback got his head coach Andy Reid to join him in his newest commercial with the insurance company. In the advertisement, Reid joked with Jake from State Farm (played by Kevin Miles) about getting State Farm's personal price plan.

Who was the original State Farm guy? ›

Super Bowl Sunday marked the one year anniversary of the world being introduced to this "Jake from State Farm" actual persona we've all come to know today and the very real man behind that red shirt and khakis is definitely embracing the moment. Actor Kevin Miles is from the South Side of Chicago.

How much does State Farm spokesman get paid? ›

Rodgers, who has been featured in State Farm's television ads for several years now, gets paid an approximate $2-3 million for his services, according to Yahoo! Even though the amount seems like a lot of money, Rodgers has been prominently featured in several iconic ads that have created much audience success.

What does State Farm pay Patrick Mahomes? ›

Patrick Mahomes Net Worth (Updated 2023)
NamePatrick Mahomes Jr.
SpouseBrittany Matthews
Source of WealthProfessional Football, Endorsements, Investments
SalaryApproximately $45 million per year.
EndorsementsBioSteel, Adidas, Oakley, Head & Shoulders, State Farm, Bose, DirecTV, Essentia Water and Electronic Arts.
6 more rows
5 days ago

Was Jake from State Farm originally white? ›

The marketing folks over at State Farm decided to put a little.. color in their ad campaign. Jake From State Farm, once a white character, is now black (and easy on the eyes no less), and of course, some white people have lost their minds. You've probably seen the commercial.

Who is the NBA player in the State Farm commercial? ›

NBA player, Boban Marjanović, is featured in State Farm's latest commercial. The Dallas Mavericks star is not the only basketball player to team up with the well-known insurance company.

How much is the mayhem guy worth? ›

Dean Winters as “Mr. Mayhem” – Net Worth: $6 Million. Though 58-year-old Dean Winters has made a number of memorable – albeit small – appearances in television and film over the years, he is best known for his role as the rabble-rousing Mr.

How does Jake the dog age? ›

However, it is assumed that being a magical dog, Jake ages two years and four months older every time Finn is a year older.

How much do commercial actors make? ›

How much does a TV Commercial Actor or Actress make in the United States? The average TV Commercial Actor or Actress salary in the United States is $73,952 as of February 27, 2023, but the salary range typically falls between $60,941 and $90,292.

Who is jazz bath guy in State Farm commercial? ›

Patrick Mahomes' 'Jazz Bath' Saxophonist Gets a Real Album for State Farm. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is the star of a recent State Farm ad, where he admitted to spokescharacter Jake that he is a bath bomb fan.

Who is Flo married to? ›

Scott Kolanach

How much does GEICO pay Flo? ›

How much does GEICO in Florida pay? The average GEICO salary ranges from approximately $30,878 per year for Senior Sales Specialist to $105,499 per year for Quality Assurance Engineer. Average GEICO hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.80 per hour for Retail Sales Associate to $28.31 per hour for Recruiter.

How much does Vanna White make? ›

According to Cheat Sheet, White earns around $10 million a year for her time on the show alone. We also think it's important to mention that the game show only films four days a month (yes, you read that correctly). That means that in shooting six episodes a day, White earns $34,722 per show.

What color pants does Jake wear? ›

Jake is a light-skinned boy with a light-blue denim vest, a white hoodie sweatshirt with a red shirt underneath, a red cap with "Sub Surf" on it, with the letters of the old Subway Surfers logo, with green and red shoes, and light-blue jeans. He has brown eyes.

Where does Jake from State Farm live? ›

A year into the role, he can't answer your questions about insurance, but he sure can sell it.

What are you wearing jake from? ›

“What are you wearing, 'Jake From State Farm?”” she asks. “Uhh… khakis,” he responds.

What high school did Jake from State Farm go to? ›

Talking with Kevin Miles, aka “Jake from State Farm,” the connection is immediate. At the mention of an upcoming vacation, he queries about my ownership of a weighted blanket. Being a person with insomnia, the 2008 graduate of Chicago Academy for the Arts said he got one for the holidays and swears by it.

What state is Tall Girl in? ›

Set in the charming Crescent City, Tall Girl was entirely filmed in New Orleans. The movie is back three years later for the second part, Tall Girl 2, also set in Louisiana. Ava Michelle reprises her role as Jodi Kreyman.

Who is the new Jake from State Farm? ›

The Jake from State Farm character was rebooted in 2020 for a new campaign with a new actor in the role (Kevin Mimms, aka Kevin Miles), years after the original campaign featuring the famous “Uh …

How much is Jake worth? ›

The world's best American professional boxer “Jake Paul” has a net worth of $310 Million. According to various online resources (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB), the most popular American social media personality and professional boxer Jake Paul estimated net worth of around $310 Million.

How much did Jake make an episode? ›

Jones: $200,000 - $300,000. Angus T. Jones was the highest-paid kid on television when he was still a minor, playing Alan's son, Jake as part of the Two And A Half Men cast. He started the show with a pretty stellar signing bonus and was earning over $200,000 per episode.

Why did the original Jake from State Farm change? ›

As stated, in 2020, State Farm decided to revisit the famous insurance company mascot, Jake, with a new actor. The company felt that a seasoned actor, instead of an insurance agent, was a better fit for renewing the “State of Unrest” campaign.

Who is the girl from the State Farm commercial? ›

Jenny Taft got her broadcasting career started in Minneapolis in 2011. Aaron Rodgers, Patric Mahomes and Chris Paul are the usual celebrities in State Farm commercials, but the rising star of Jenny Taft has landed her in one of the insurance giant's commercials.

Who is the Capital One guy? ›

Jeremy Brandt(I)

In 2015, he began his current spokesman campaign with Capital One. Brandt is a Narrator for Nat Geo and Discovery, and also hosted his own show on Nat Geo WILD called Jobs That Bite!, a series showcasing the fun and fascinating, dirty and dangerous animal jobs the world has to offer.

Who are the 3 NFL players in the State Farm commercial? ›

State Farm has a new job for Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers and its Jake character—pitching the company's insurance as "personal."

Who is the girl on the balcony in the State Farm commercial? ›

Melanie Paxson
Paxson in 2007
BornMelanie Deanne Moore September 26, 1972 Champaign, Illinois, U.S.
Years active1997–present
2 more rows

What NFL players have been in State Farm commercials? ›

Aaron Rodgers has been the star of State Farm commercials for more than a decade. Rodgers and Mahomes have appeared together and separately in State Farm commercials since 2019.

Why is it called State Farm? ›

State Farm Company History Timeline. State Farm began in 1922 as one man's plan to offer low-cost automobile insurance to the farmers of Illinois: hence the name State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. In 1926, a subsidiary, the City and Village Automobile Insurance Company, was formed.

How much money does State Farm have? ›

State Farm
RevenueUS$79.395 billion (2019)
Net incomeUS$5.593 billion (2019)
Total assetsUS$294.82 billion (2019)
Total equityUS$116.23 billion (2019)
14 more rows

Why did State Farm change their logo? ›

State Farm marketing vice president Pam El tells The Pantagraph that the company didn't "change it lightly" and believes the new logo is more contemporary and user friendly. The company has dropped written references to auto, life and fire. The logo now features three interlocking ovals. It remains the same red color.

How much does Flo from State Farm get paid? ›

How much does Flo from Progressive make? According to reports, Courtney, who plays Flo in Progressive, earns $1 million each year for her role. Only a few other performers who appear in commercials get as much money as this. However, there's more to the story than that.

Who is the first NFL billionaire? ›

Jerome Johnson Richardson Sr. (July 18, 1936 – March 1, 2023) was an American businessman, football player, and owner in the National Football League (NFL). A native of Spring Hope, North Carolina, he played college football at Wofford and twice was a Little All-America selection.
Jerry Richardson.
Games played:22
Total touchdowns:4
2 more rows

Who is the highest paid NFL player? ›

The Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers leads the list, at $50.3 million per year. The Denver Broncos' Russell Wilson is second, at $49 million per season, with the Arizona Cardinals' Kyler Murray at $46.1 million.

How much does Aaron Rodgers get paid for State Farm commercials? ›

According to Forbes, Aaron Rodgers makes between $2-3million annually for his work with State Farm.

Who is Jake from State Farm in real life? ›

Kevin Miles(XVIII)

Kevin Miles is an actor, known for S.W.A.T (2017), Criminal Minds (2019) and Innocent (2010). He is also known as Jake, from State Farm.

Who was the original Jake from State Farm? ›

The Original Jake From State Farm

The original ad campaign featuring Jake from State Farm was played by an actual State Farm agent named Jake Stone from Bloomington, Illinois.

How much does Flo get paid? ›

How much does Flo from Progressive make? According to reports, Courtney, who plays Flo in Progressive, earns $1 million each year for her role. Only a few other performers who appear in commercials get as much money as this. However, there's more to the story than that.

Does Jake from State Farm have a family? ›

Q: Does Jake from State Farm have a family that we get to meet at some point? A: Jake definitely has a family. I'm sure one day we'll bring it to light.

Was there ever a White Jake from State Farm? ›

The marketing folks over at State Farm decided to put a little.. color in their ad campaign. Jake From State Farm, once a white character, is now black (and easy on the eyes no less), and of course, some white people have lost their minds. You've probably seen the commercial.

Who is the dad in Tall Girl? ›

Jodi and Harper Kreyman's father, on the show Tall Girl, is Richie Kreyman, played by actor Steve Zahn.

Who plays the BF in Tall Girl? ›

Griffin Gluck plays Tall Girl's much shorter boyfriend Jack Dunkleman. Gluck is best known for his appearances in Netflix's American Vandal and Locke & Key.

Who is the WNBA player in State Farm? ›

20, 2022 – Phoenix Mercury forward Brianna Turner earned the Seasonlong WNBA Cares Community Assist Award presented by State Farm in recognition of her extensive work on behalf of women, those impacted by gun violence, the LGBTQ+ community and unhoused people.

Who is the female athlete in the State Farm commercials? ›

Jenny Taft got her broadcasting career started in Minneapolis in 2011.


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