Lincoln | 2023 and 2024 Lincoln Car Models - Discover The Price Of All the New Lincoln Vehicles In The USA (2023)

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Lincoln | 2023 and 2024 Lincoln Car Models - Discover The Price Of All the New Lincoln Vehicles In The USA (1)

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Lincoln Aviator $51,370 - $80,725 Price (MSRP) 8.8

Lincoln Aviator Hybrid $70,190 - $90,280 Price (MSRP) 8.8

Lincoln Continental $46,305 - $75,470 Price (MSRP) 8.3

Lincoln Corsair $36,580 - $43,710 Price (MSRP) 8.4

Lincoln Corsair Hybrid $51,810 Price (MSRP) 8.5

Lincoln MKZ $36,750 - $44,500 Price (MSRP) 7.6

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid $42,500 Price (MSRP) 7.6

Lincoln Nautilus $44,090 - $66,710 Price (MSRP) 7.9

Lincoln Navigator $77,635 - $106,635 Price (MSRP) 9.0

Lincoln Navigator L $92,855 - $109,680 Price (MSRP) 9.1

Discontinued Lincoln Models

Lincoln Mark LT $38,615 - $42,015 Price (MSRP)

Lincoln MKC $33,995 - $49,610 Price (MSRP)

Lincoln MKS $39,010 - $46,000 Price (MSRP)

Lincoln MKT $49,500 - $52,500 Price (MSRP)

Lincoln MKX $39,035 - $56,725 Price (MSRP)

Lincoln Town Car $47,000 - $52,670 Price (MSRP)

Buy Used Lincoln Models

Lincoln | 2023 and 2024 Lincoln Car Models - Discover The Price Of All the New Lincoln Vehicles In The USA (28)

2023 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring Plug-In Hybrid


257 miles

Fair Deal

Average price

Lincoln | 2023 and 2024 Lincoln Car Models - Discover The Price Of All the New Lincoln Vehicles In The USA (29)

2023 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring Plug-In Hybrid


10,356 miles

Good Deal

$9,300 below

Lincoln | 2023 and 2024 Lincoln Car Models - Discover The Price Of All the New Lincoln Vehicles In The USA (30)

2023 Lincoln Navigator L Black Label


11 miles

Fair Deal

$11,300 below

Lincoln | 2023 and 2024 Lincoln Car Models - Discover The Price Of All the New Lincoln Vehicles In The USA (31)

2023 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Grand Touring Plug-In Hybrid


N/A miles

Fair Deal

Average price

Used Lincoln For Sale

If you’re a fan of Ford, then you may want to consider its luxury division - Lincoln. These automobiles take everything that the USA loves about its homegrown automaker and add a splash of elegance and sophistication to create a range of upscale automobiles that manage to deliver on a number of fronts. From executive sedans through to enormous SUVs, the brand knows what Americans really want, and it gives it to them on a silver platter.

About Lincoln Motor Vehicles

The Lincoln Motor Company was originally established in 1917, but Ford acquired it soon after in 1922. It was rebranded Mercury for quite some time, following WWII, but it reverted back in 2012. Now it works as the premium division of the US-based automaker, creating more upscale variants of the standard fare, although it does not have the same presence in the motorsports world.

New Lincoln Car Models

Whereas the parent company has a toe in just about every segment of the market out there, from compacts through to heavy-duty trucks, the selection of Lincoln vehicles is a little more refined. The list of Lincoln car models comprises only three categories.

  • Sedan - The most classic of styles, this four-door configuration is ideal for commuting to and from work while looking good doing so. The MKZ and larger Continental fall into this category.
  • Crossover - The middle ground between a three-box and a heavier body-on-frame configuration, these popular automobiles provide a good balance of practicality, driveability, and economy. This segment includes the Corsair and Nautilus.
  • SUV - These high-riders deliver a commanding view of the road and oodles of passenger and cargo space. They can even go off-road in certain situations. The Aviator and flagship Navigator share this body style.

After establishing the different types of Lincoln cars, it only makes sense to take a closer look at the specs of the best options within each segment.

  • Continental - This executive sedan stands out from the competition with its almost retro aesthetic. It is as large as you would expect from such a configuration, but that also means that there is more than enough room for passengers to stretch their legs, whether they are seated up front or in the spacious rear seats. It has plenty of power, too, from a choice of two V6 engines, but it lacks the refinement of European competitors like the Mercedes S-Class.
  • Nautilus - More of a raised wagon than an actual ute, it zips around town courtesy of a 250-horsepower turbo four-pot or a stronger 335-hp V6. This means that it keeps up with similar rivals. However, it is not a very engaging driver, and once you step into the interior, you notice that its good looks are only skin deep. It has plenty of standard tech to keep the family safe and entertained, though, and the 37.2-cubic-foot trunk is competitive for the market.
  • Navigator - The most extravagant SUV is offered in standard- or long-wheelbase guise, with the latter helping it fit the third row of seats in more comfortably. It does technically have the ground clearance to go off-road, and the powerful twin-turbo gives it more than enough oomph, but it still feels more at home on the streets. It also has pretty decent towing capacity at 8,700 pounds, supplementing 19.3 - 57.5 cubic feet of trunk space (third row up/down). Tech-wise, it is up there with the top contenders, but the price rockets up quickly as you outfit it.

Lincoln Lineup and Prices

Though not as expensive as some of the prestigious nameplates from Europe, Lincoln prices are still more than many are willing to spend. Do not let the base MSRP fool you, since many desirable features are not included as standard, so the cost could end up being a lot higher than you expect. Here is a list of all the latest models in the Lincoln lineup.

ModelPowerEngineBase Price
Lincoln Aviator400 hp3.0L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas$51,370
Lincoln Continental305 hp3.7L V6 Gas$46,305
Lincoln Corsair250 hp2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas$36,580
Lincoln Mark LT300 hp5.4L V8 Gas$38,615
Lincoln MKC245 hp2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas$33,995
Lincoln MKS305 hp3.7L V6 Gas$39,010
Lincoln MKT365 hp3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas$49,500
Lincoln MKX303 hp3.7L V6 Gas$39,035
Lincoln MKZ245 hp2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas$36,750
Lincoln Nautilus250 hp2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas$44,090


What is the most affordable new Lincoln vehicle?

Considering the popularity of crossovers, it should come as no surprise that the Corsair is the most attractive offering on sale for the new year. Assuming you are not looking to buy a used automobile, you can pick one up for as little as $36k right off the showroom floor.

Are Lincoln motors fuel efficient?

It used to be that luxury motors saw mileage as a secondary or even tertiary concern. However, as we become more environmentally responsible, many manufacturers have made a push for better gas mileage figures. The luxury wing of Ford has not made the greatest strides in this area, with all of its gasoline generators returning utterly average or poor returns. Its hybrids are a little more economical, but we hope to see some fully electric powertrains added to the future lineup, as upcoming models from BMW and Volvo will be taking this route.

Are Lincoln cars expensive to fix?

Since they are aimed at a more exclusive consumer group, spare parts and qualified technicians are not as abundant. This means that repairs are naturally more expensive than one a more economical and commonplace brand. Be sure to check a reliability review from a respected source before finalizing a purchase to avoid any unpleasant additional costs down the road.

For more information, pictures, and videos, check out our in-depth Lincoln reviews. We provide a BuzzScore ranking for each model with ratings in areas such as reliability, safety, comfort, and handling, as well as comparisons with top competitors.

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