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For Sale
Lykamobile Steam Car

Steam Car Club For Sale (1)
Steam Traction World Lykamobile MK2 steam car
Many personal touches and improvements including hardwood floor.
All working and runs well. Raises steam in approx 5mins.
£22,000 Ono. If interested contact Justin Hayes on 01279659413 or on

Steam Car
Steam Car Club For Sale (2)
Steam Car approx. 60% supplied by ModelWorks Engineering (Kit Car) wheels, burner, bodywork etc purchased elsewhere. The car is loosely based on a 1904 Locomobile is road registered (2020) and carries a DVLA Vin Number and has a current Steam Certificate.
The car has both a new Riello burner and a 140AH battery and is in steam in approx. 8 minutes.
The wheels have been powder coated, seat is upholstered in real red leather.
All lights in working order.
For transportation purposes the car comes with a Blueline fully enclosed trailer with rear loading ramp and tie down.
Offers in the region of £25,000
For further info please call Terry 07828 433186 (

FOR SALE: 1901 Locosurrey
Steam Car Club For Sale (3)

The Car was purchased by me in 2006 from Mr Richard Mann of Ohio USA, largely unrestored but complete engine, chassis, springs, steering, axels and wheels.
It also came with a semi finished replica water tank and body (measurements taken from the rotted one Richard had with it. (sadly he burnt the original and hadn’t any photographs- I guess they did that in the 1970’s) I purchased a boiler from Bourdon boiler works in the US (17½ inch wire wound) and built the seats, upholstery, operating mechanisms, steam, water and fuel controls and pipework. I also built the burner, a Stan Otway design incorporating a superheater. I’ve also fitted a Maddison Kip positive displacement oiler. The car is road registered (concessional) here in WA and fires well. I run it on 98 octane petrol at 50 psi and the boiler at 200psi. The safety is set at 220psi.

The car is as original as I can make it, although I have fitted a reversing camera arrangement (removable) to keep an eye on the gauge glass (as its under the rear seat whilst the driver is at the front seat- a design flaw I’d suggest.)

The photos show the general arrangement and I am happy to provide further details as requested.

I am asking $80,000.00 AUD and will assist with transport and shipping.
Dave Hume

FOR SALE: 1899 Locomobile Replica
Steam Car Club For Sale (4)

Modelworks/Steam Traction World Likamobile, (1899 Locomobile replica) 90% complete. The car needs batteries, the brake callipers leak and need to be rebuilt or replaced and the body panels and seat need final fastening. Two Dietz Kerosene driving lights and tail light included, along with a 4 chime whistle, brass tyre pump and copper oil funnel. $ 21,000 USD or best offer. Contact John Richard Crist, Earlton, New York. Tel: 518-731-9375. Email:

1911 Stanley Model 70 FOR SALE
Steam Car Club For Sale (5)

Robert Nydam’s 1911 Stanley Model 70 for sale. It is an original, engine #6164, a duplicate of Howard (Dewey) Johnson’s steamer, the only other original 1911 model 70 known to exist.

It has a history dating back to opera star of the 40’s and 50’s, James Melton collection. We also have the original cracked headlight from Melton’s era, which was depicted in a Lil’Abner cartoon. It was sold with his collection at the IRS auction upon Melton’s death to Winthrope Rockefeller and placed on display in his museum in Petit-Jean Mountain, Arkansas. The Stanley was made available and was purchased by dad and his friend, Marvin Young, dad having taken full possession in 1972. He did a full restoration, added hydraulic brakes in the 1990’s, and, as he was a touring enthusiast, used sealed and modern bearings where ever possible. The car is presently located in Chicago, Illinois.

Our family spent decades and hundreds of thousand of miles in what dad called “the greatest motoring pleasure of my life.” The Stanley was the measure of my growth, as we toured in summers and missed but 1 Eastern Steam Car Tour in our decades of steaming. It is with great sorrow we lost dad this February, oddly a day after Tom Marshall. Think Tom asked dad for some assistance firing up a Stanley in heaven!

We know auctions are perhaps the greatest draw, but would prefer to find an enthusiast to run dads car and enjoy the unique driving thrill as he so did. It would be a shame for it to end up in a museum, as is such a great running Stanley. As we lose great Steam enthusiasts of eras past, there seems to always be a new generation to carry on. Attached are a few photos of dads car, we have much paperwork, extra parts, an Ole’ Vikre original prodigious prodder (dad was so proud to have, and Ole and “uncle” to us as kids,)- it seemed proper it stay with the car!
Offers invited. Please contact:
Donna Basler: 312-391-0210 -

Likamobile FOR SALE
Steam Car Club For Sale (6)

For sale Likamobile, just finished, including trailer.Four wheel hydraulic brakes, new batteries and inverter for electric controls. All paint work is either powder coating or stove enamelled. Boiler certificate until February 2020. Please Contact me, Russ on 01493 751711 to arrange viewing or more details. Asking £20,000 O.N.O

1910 Stanley Steamer Model 72
Steam Car Club For Sale (7)

For sale -1910 stanley steamer- model 72 -20 h.P. Roadster -serial #5799
I have enjoyed this car for over 23 years. It has a new engine from J.R. Gould, new John Packard pilot light, new stainless boiler cover, new ($7,000.00) wheels, rims, flaps, tubes and tires from coker tire company and much more.Presto lights, work and are safe. It has original high-speed rear end, very fast.I have
$141,000.00 in receipts and will sell for $134,000.00.

Gene Grengs
6360 Whitetail Drive Eau Claire, WI54701
715 579-6601

1924 Stanley Steamer Model 750b
Steam Car Club For Sale (8)

For sale - 1924 Stanley Steamer Model 750b - seven passenger touring -serial #24021- written document history since the day it left the factory. Great original leather, instruments, new nickel.Engine has new double rings and machined rods.New burner, new Bourdon boiler ($6,000.00), stainless covers, many new Gould valves, many wonderful accessories. Wheels are excellent for tightness and true. New folding top plus original unrestored California top.Been on many tours and is ready to go.

I have over $85,000.00 in receipts and will sell for $79,900.00.

Gene Grengs
6360 Whitetail Drive Eau Claire, WI54701
715 579-6601

New Locomobile parts for sale

Full set copper gaskets for cylinder top & bottom.
Crankshafts with large central nut in EN8.
Brass ID plate used from about April 1900 to about November 1900 (serial no. 750-1850 approx).
Coleman vaporizer for a Maxwell Pilot.
Maxwell pilot raw casting.
2 pistons – standard bore.
2 sets Clupet style rings – standard bore.
2 piston rods – hard chromed EN8.
2 main bearings – modern 62062RS with O/D ground to fit frame.
Seat spindles.

Please contact for details and photos.
Howard Hodson, Cambridge.

Steam Car Club For Sale (9)
I bought these as part of a lot with some Edwardian axles I wanted.

The chassis is 130” wheelbase and is in poor condition with much rust.
The rear axle is free and turns easily. No drums or hubs
The steering box is seized but looks to be easily recoverable with a new inner and outer column.
The wheels seem to be in good condition. Four 25” rims (for 34 by 4.5 tyres.), three wheels, two 12 spoke and one 10 spoke, without centres.
I am in Gloucestershire and could possibly help with delivery depending on where.
I have no idea about price, won’t be a lot but I need to recover some of my outlay.
I prefer to sell as one lot, I would welcome any specific questions or to send more pics.
Any help will be very much appreciated, please let me know if there are any costs.
Kind regards
Mike Raahauge 01386 438601 or 0773 0800 728

Likamobile Boiler - Wanted
Does anybody have a Likamobile Boiler (Steam Traction World - ModelWorks model) for sale or can somebody build one for me including certification to AD2000?
Contact: Charles Whitworth, Tel: 0049 7023 908616, Email:

1905 Stanley Steamer FX
Steam Car Club For Sale (10)
1905 Stanley Steamer FX Sidebar Tiller for Restoration.
Serial Number 1862. One of only Two known sidebar tiller steers. Car is 75% complete. Needs Boiler and restoration. $39,500 or best offer. Please contact me for additional details or pictures. JMalagutti@aol.com1903 Stanley Steamer Model C
Steam Car Club For Sale (11)
1903 Stanley Steamer Model C for Restoration
6.5 Horsepower. 14 Inch boiler, good original running gear. In process of painting body. This car is 95% complete. $37,500 or best offer. Please contact me for additional details or pictures. 1903 Grout Roadster
Steam Car Club For Sale (12)
10 HP steam car - restored. With top. Eligible for London to Brighton.
Further Pictures on request.
$ 68,000
Contact:- Robert Collins, 1120 So. East St., Amherst, Mass., 01002. USA
Phone:- 1-413-256-8001 WANTED:
White 1909 Double fuel tank with fittings or fittings alone. So condition of tank is not important as long as the fittings are there. Contact Chris Relf, Rose Vale Farm Kerris Penzance TR19 6UX.
Steam Car Club For Sale (13)Milwaukee steam car engine
I am selling a Milwaukee steam car engine (serial no. 231) on behalf of my Grandfather. The engine runs on compressed air and has been used for demonstrations hence the adapter valve, selector lever and steel frame. For further details please contact my Grandfather John - tel: 01473 652543 or Arthur - tel: 01437 828167 email:

Unique 3 wheeler steam car with compound 'V' engine, like a Morgan.
Likamobile Runabout
, tiller steer, oil fired.
Ill health forces sale.
For further details please contact:- W Chorlton on 01565 651459

Steam Car Club For Sale (14)1904 CX Runabout--Ser #821---Body #918
London to Brighton eligible. Museum quality restoration of a very original 04 Stanley Runabout. Run only on jack stands (2ft of snow etc) New Don Bourdon boiler. All piping and valves new. Checks and throttle rebuilt. More info and photos available by email:
$78,000.00 US BOB NICE

Steam Car Club For Sale (15) Steam Car Club For Sale (16)1922 Stanley 735B
7 seat steam car
Totally restored 7 years ago. Hardly used since.
Ring John, for a detailed description, on 0161 761 1056. Offers invited over £70,000

Wanted by Enthusiast...
New build steam car, possibly Likamobile or steam car designed and built by Model Engineer. Anything considered. Please contact Roy Chapman on 01268 414009

Steam Car Club For Sale (17)Brass Lamps
For sale: Pair of handed Lucas King of the Road Lamps Number 723 and 724. Lamps are in good condition complete with tanks and burners etc... They are approximately 12'' high to the top of the handles. The lamps are dented in places, and on the rear has a small crack in the brass.
£475 + Postage James 07933 131 922

Steam Car Club For Sale (18)1923 Stanley 740
1923 Stanley 740 touring car, excellent condition, restored back to its original
glory, owned & operated by John Packard for 18 years,
Asking price is $90,000.
Call or e-mail at 508-434-0739.
Steam Car Club For Sale (19)

Stanley Parts, 725/735/740

20hp engine, hand water pump, diff CW & pinions, water level automatic, throttle valve, boiler check valve and other parts. Contact John Lowe,

Toy Steam Engines

Collection of 150 toy steam engines, mostly German prewar (Bing, Doll, Falk, Fleischmann, Marklin, Plank etc.) CD ROM of items available on request. Price £17,500.
Contact:- Poul Wichmann, Kildeagerhusene 9, DK-2690 Karlslunde, Denmark"

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