How much does Shaq get paid for commercials? (2023)

How many Papa John's does Shaq own?

Papa John's

He not only bought nine franchises but also sold the company the right to use his likeness and voice for a cool $8.5 million. Shaq has also been a board member since 2019 and also a brand ambassador for the popular restaurant franchise.

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How much is a Shaq endorsement?

The NBA Hall-of-Famer will be paid roughly $5.63 million for his services. The new contract will expire in 2025, with the option of a one-year extension. Papa Johns and Shaquille O'Neal, the chain's biggest celebrity spokesperson, agreed to a new endorsement deal worth $5.63 million, according to an SEC filing.

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What is Shaq salary on TNT?

The newspaper reports that the 59-year-old basketball player turned commentator of “Inside the NBA” has three years left on a contract that pays him $10 million per season. His current contract expires after TNT's NBA deal expires in 2024-25.

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How much did Shaq O'Neal pay at Walmart?

Another of Shaq's bizarre stories is when he spent a ridiculous of money at Walmart, which is considered to be a place where people buy affordable stuff. Shaq spent $70000 at Walmart, which he claims is the biggest purchase in Walmart history. He says that he tried to use his credit card and it got declined.

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Does Shaq own JCPenney?

O'Neal is reportedly the second highest individual shareholder of the Authentic Brands Group. This company is responsible for many brand and retailer acquisitions, including Forever 21, Reebok, Barneys New York and JCPenney.

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Does Shaq own Krispy Kreme?

As reported by, these include 17 Auntie Annie's Pretzels restaurants, nine Papa John's, one Krispy Kreme and a Big Chicken restaurant that is being franchised. He formerly was part-owner of 155 Five Guys restaurants.

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How many brands does Shaq own?

Shaq owns a total of 50 brands in different industries. He certainly knows how to make money. From fitness, to car washes, to restaurants, Shaq has his hands in a little bit of everything.

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Does Shaq own a jet?

He's banked hundreds of millions of dollars in his career, so it's pretty easy to see that, when a 7-foot superstar asks for a private plane, he gets one. Of course, his day job keeps him busy from October to June, and when the Cavaliers fly around the country they do it on the team's customized Boeing 737.

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Who makes the most endorsement money in NBA?

King James reigns supreme

Some of James' endorsements include Nike, Coca-Cola, Beats By Dre, Blaze Pizza, and 2K Sports. Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry was the second highest-paid NBA player, with a salary of 48.1 million U.S. dollars and 47 million U.S. dollars in income from endorsement deals.

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Does Shaquille Oneal own Papa John's?

Shaquille O'Neal has an ownership stake in nine Atlanta-area Papa John's pizza restaurants, is a member of the company's board of directors and has a new endorsement deal with the brand.

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Who is the majority owner of Papa John's?

John Hampton "Papa John" Schnatter (born November 22 or 23, 1961) is an American entrepreneur who founded the Papa John's pizza restaurant chain in 1984. Schnatter started the business in the back of his father's tavern after selling his car and using the proceeds to purchase used restaurant equipment.

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How many Burger Kings Does Shaq own?

Since he announced his retirement in 2011, the NBA star has become the owner of 155 Five Guys hamburger establishments, which represented 10% of the total company. (He would later sell the franchises.) O'Neal also owns 17 Auntie Anne's Pretzels restaurants and has invested in nine Papa John's restaurants.

How much does Shaq get paid for commercials? (2023)
Is Shaquille O'Neal a Papa John's owner?

John Schnatter

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