Who is the latina girl in the new xfinity commercial? (2023)

Who is the Latina actress in the Xfinity commercial?

Becky G
BornRebbeca Marie Gomez March 2, 1997 Inglewood, California, U.S.
Other namesBecky Gomez
OccupationsSinger actress
Years active2008–present
10 more rows

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Who is the girl in the Xfinity Mobile commercial 2022?

XFINITY TV Spot, 'We've Become Nocturnal' Featuring Judy Greer - iSpot.tv.

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Who is in the new Xfinity commercial 2022?

XFINITY TV Spot, 'Couples Therapy: $55' Featuring Judy Greer - iSpot.tv.

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Who is the black girl in the new Xfinity Mobile commercial?

Nicole Randall Johnson
BornDecember 9, 1973 Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation(s)Actress, writer, producer
Years active2002–present

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Who is the girl advertising for Xfinity Mobile?

Enter Becky G, the newest spokesperson for Xfinity Mobile. The new crop of commercials got people asking about the girl in the TV ads, but it wasn't for the reason they were expecting. In one spot, Becky G does a comparison between Xfinity Mobile and Verizon while clad in a poorly-styled look.

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Who is Lily in the Xfinity commercial?

Born in the Soviet Union to Jewish parents, she began her career as a child actress shortly after immigrating to the United States.
Milana Vayntrub
Years active1995–present
Known forPlaying saleswoman Lily Adams in a series of AT&T television commercials
6 more rows

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Is Becky G in the Xfinity commercial?

There's a Better Way to Measure TV & Streaming Ad ROI

Becky G answers what's it like to have XFINITY Internet with supersonic Wi-Fi. She zooms across space, alluding to the speed of its Wi-Fi. Becky G adds that XFINITY can connect hundreds of devices at once.

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Is Becky G in a commercial?

Using Latin icon, Becky G as our spokesperson we introduced them to Xfinity's “X factor” platform. The perfect way to keep their swagger, optimism and confidence fueled.

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Who is the mom in the Xfinity vampire commercial?

XFINITY TV Spot, 'We've Become Nocturnal: $29.99 a Month' Featuring Judy Greer - iSpot.tv.

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Who is Rashida in TV commercials?

Rashida Leah Jones (/rəˈʃiːdə/; born February 25, 1976) is an American actress, writer, producer, and director.

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Who is Becky Xfinity Mobile?

Her full name is Rebbeca Marie Gomez, however, her stage name is Becky G.

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Who is the actress in the always commercial?

Lisa Williamson(I)

Who is the latina girl in the new xfinity commercial? (2023)
Who is the Xfinity delegating girl?

Helena Mattsson
Mattsson in 2015
BornHelena Christina Mattsson Stockholm, Sweden
Years active2004–present

What nationality is Lily from AT&T?

Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub (/ˈvaɪntruːb/; Uzbek Cyrillic: Милана Александровна Вайнтруб; born March 8, 1987) is an Uzbekistan-born American actress and comedian. She plays the character Lily Adams in a series of AT&T television commercials.

How much does Lily from AT&T make?

And hopefully all of that makes her as relatable as a character in a 30-second commercial can be." Lily's informative and good-natured relatability has translated into about $3 million in earnings for Vayntrub, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What movies has Milana Vayntrub been in?

Milana Vayntrub

How old is Rebecca Gomez?

Who is Becky G husband?

FC Dallas midfielder Sebastian Lletget and pop star Becky G are set to tie the knot. The MLS veteran recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend, with the happy couple announcing the news Friday on Instagram.

What commercial is Camila Cabello in?

“I'm excited to join Victoria's Secret in embracing the Bombshell in every woman.” Victoria's Secret chief creative director Raúl Martinez added of the singer, “On set, Camila exuded a presence throughout the day that didn't need to be directed – her vibrance and confidence shined through organically.

Who is in the commercial with Sofia Vergara?

(November 2015) TV commercial, "You've Stopped Coming to the Cafe?!?!," with Sofía Vergara and David Chisum, for the "Ninja Coffee Bar(TM)" and ninjacoffeebar.com, from Ninja Cooking, available at Bed Bath & Beyond® (and) Target®.

Who is the actress in the America's Best commercial?

Cyrina Fiallo
BornDecember 29, 1991 Miami, Florida, U.S.
Years active2007–present

Who is in Infiniti commercial?

Hannah Barefoot is an actor known for her work in films such as Reinaldo Marcus Green's King Richard and series like NBC's Chicago Med.

Who is the woman in the spectrum Vampire commercial?

Erica Shaffer is an American actress who has worked in independent films and television. Some of the films include A Family Affair, The Truth is Always Complicated, The Fall, Catalina Trust, The Socratic Method, Three on a Match and West Coast.

Who is the Hispanic woman in the Cox commercial?

Vivian Rodriguez(I)

Vivian Rodriguez is known for Tengo sueños eléctricos (2022), Motive (2003) and Cox Homelife TV Commercial - Home Security & Home Automation (2015).

Who is the Hispanic lady in the spectrum commercial?

Gaby Espino

María Gabriela Espino Rugero, also known as Gaby Espino, is another Spectrum commercial actress. She is a Venezuelan actress, model and presenter.

Who are the people in the Cox commercials?

  • Jeremy Connors.
  • Brice Ellis.
  • Jordyn Hart.

Who is the Cox family in the commercial?

Rachel and Rusty Cox appear in an ad. Rachel Lennon has been appearing in Cox Toyota commercials since she was a little girl. She's a sophomore in high school now! Rachel Lennon is the granddaughter of Don Cox.

Who is the redheaded woman in the Zocdoc commercial?

Emily Chang(I)

Who is the hot girl in the spectrum commercial?

Dawn Rochelle Warner
Dawn Rochelle
SpouseJosue Ramos (1999–2007)
Modeling information
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Hair colorBlonde
4 more rows

Who is the girl in the new spectrum mobile commercial?

New commercials: Calm, Spectrum Mobile, Home Chef Rachael Ray, Allstate, DraftKings | Ad Age Marketing News.

Who is the dark skinned girl in the spectrum commercial?

Cyrina Fiallo
BornDecember 29, 1991 Miami, Florida, U.S.
Years active2007–present

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